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introducing the​ 

Walking Session

 where you go for a walk and
simultanously create change in your life while having fun along the way!

You’re ready to transform.


To move through pain, fears and limiting beliefs.

But you're sick of it all being hard and serious "work".


If you're ready to take a step forward. ​


Why do it sitting down? 😉

This space is for you if:

  • you're tired of outdated and exhausting ways of creating success, change and healing in your life 

  • you're sick of hearing your mother's [insert your own painful person here] unsatisfied voice subtly suggesting what you could be doing better once again. Sidenote: if you want to be your mother please listen to her! If not, well this space will give you another perspective!

  • you're done watching from the sidelines and never getting started or closer to where you know you could be all while trying to do it all perfectly. Are you not exhausted and bored with this way of life?

  • you're done waking up each and every morning, never truly feeling like you are getting closer to the life you dreamed up for yourself all those years ago. If you want to be a real housewives of your town, dammit you should be!

  • you're tired of WISHING for a different life and you're ready to start CREATING it! The easy and fun way. Today! 


You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how the Walking Session will give you a simple, practical and easy way to create the life your soul has been yearning for!

  • Imagine a safe space where you get to overcome fears and overwhelm to start walking towards the life that was always meant for you. I mean literally! This is walk and talk therapy. I know that's why you're here right?

  • Imagine a moment in time where other people's judgement, expectations and obligations no longer weigh you down and you start creating your idea of success in your home, health, relationships, work and business.

  • Imagine tuning into an energy that helps you get started on your journey, but also keep the momentum going. All while not having a single care for what others think of you while you carve out your version of success!

That's what Walking Session is all about!


"Promote and expand the awesome offering you have to help more people, especially those for which sitting in a room really isn't the best way! "

"I'd never heard about walking therapy until I came across this service and I wish more people were aware of how beneficial it can be for people who would get more out of therapy if they were up and moving in nature."

"The walking is so much better than sitting still in a room as it allows me to think more clearly and talk through what is going through my mind more effectively. "

Here are just a few of the Walking Programs

you will find in the Walking Session Community when you join:

Your Why


In this Walking Session we set the foundations for the change you want to create, how to discover your inner knowing and your true desires. 


Silencing your inner Critic


In this Walking Session we dive into the stories your inner critic loop plays, why this takes place and we discover how you can give your inner critic the silent treatment!


Is more better?


In this Walking Session we explore belief systems that are keeping you stuck, unhappy, in comparison mode, striving and never arriving!


Additional Walking Sessions valued at $299 each include:

  • Contraction versus Expansion

  • What other People think of me is none of my Business

  • Betrayal and Trust

  • Mirror Mirror

  • Who are you working for

  • Your idea of success

Additional Journaling Workshops valued at $299 each include:

  • Moving Ahead

  • Out with the Old

  • Something is Missing

  • Who you are

  • How to love yourself more

So when you enroll in this community, you'll get:

  • Access to all Walking Sessions, walking you through the Journey of becoming who you were always meant to be + new monthly Walking Sessions 

  • Access to all Journaling Workshops + new monthly Journaling Workshops 

  • Access to self-paced Community Challenges

  • Practical Resources including Audio Courses, PDF Guides and Journal Prompts to guide you in the creation of your own dreams

  • RESULTS. This space holds everything I have done and continue to do to create the life that makes me look like I just "got lucky" to everyone else around me. And did I mention I have so much fun doing it all! 

to help you generate unstoppable momentum
(and keep it)

Writing on Beach

 BONUS 1  

Dealing with Uncertainty

($499 value) 

An Audio Course that will help you deal with change and uncertainty during and post the current times. 


 BONUS 2  

Q&A Coaching

($499 monthly value) 

Coaching and Q & A with Maz. You get your burning questions answered and get exclusive insight into another way of life. 

Sitting on a Van

 BONUS 3  

Community Challenges

($499 quarterly value) 

Seasonal Community Challenges designed to help you push your upper limits and create lasting change.

Cliffs and Ocean

Take the next step towards your dream

To press ‘grow’ on your life:

--- 1 ---

Sign up to the Walking Session Community

--- 2 ---

Create change while you walk with guided audio courses that will take you to the next level

--- 3 ---

Reflect, integrate and start building the life of your dreams!

Let me say this upfront


Walking Session is the only holistic Online Community that not only gets you moving, but also gives you the tools to create the life of your dreams while you do so. 

Our community is filled with soul driven, heart opening, body grounding, practical and resourceful content. 

Now here's the thing, when you sign up for this membership you get access to all the content + resources created so far! And if this is not your jam, you can cancel any time!

If you don't feel totally confident and motivated by this community and your ability to create your own dream life, simply reach out and cancel your membership.

Full details here


Join the movement

To take the first step towards creating soul driven, authentic and sustainable change in your life, sign up for your Walking Session today.

So, you have some questions...

I get it – exploring self-guided therapy seems like a big step.

But, it’s actually safer, easier and more effective than you might think.

Take a stroll through our FAQs to learn more.

  • I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I'm going to need to learn and implement in this program. Can I really do this?
    Yes you can!! We are spreading out the content and strategically adding support as you go to make sure you can keep up and implement all the material. We completely understand that some people are starting this as a side hustle and have other responsibilities such as work, family and a life going on! So let me assure you, you can do this!
  • Do I need any special skills to pull this off?
    We are expecting you to come to the part with your own background in therapy. We go through all the ways you can adapt your own therapy style to the outdoors, but you will need to bring some of this to the party! In terms of business skills, we will meet you where you're at and cover ALL the things needed. The Q & A opportunities and Group Forum will provide you with extra support around this too.
  • Can I still use this course to build my business if I don't live in Australia?
    Absolutely! I have been working with therapists, counsellors, coaches, healers, yoga instructors, integrated therapist etc from all over the world for years now! Along the way I have adapted what I used in my business here in Australia to make it accessible and adaptable to countries worldwide.
  • I’ve had my business for years and I’d like to grow it, is this program for me"
    Sure is! This business will show you the exact set up of a business that's scalable and profitable. It caters to those who want to run things smoothly, successfully and solo, but also those who want to take a step back and create a national footprint. Side note: I have sold one of my businesses to someone who did not even have a background in therapy because it was so well structured and run.
  • If I have a Walk and Talk idea but I haven’t started yet how long will it take me to make money
    This course can be completed in 8 weeks and has a specific launch plan so that you have clients ready to go when you launch. In saying that, I have started making money on day 1 in one of my business as I was able to transition clients into the outdoor setting. The answer is; depends. Depends on how much work and traction you are able to create while completing the course. You have access to the course + ongoing coaching calls for as long as you need.
  • Will this help me with registering my business, licensing or taxes"
    No. Students who have accessed this course come from all over the world and with that come with a variation of rules and regulations.
  • I'm fairly new to therapy and business. Is this going to be right for me?
    Abso-freaking-lutely! The Walking Therapist Club includes clinical as well as business resources. It is essentially a space of all the things I wish I had when I started practicing. While I appreciate the contrast of an office environment, I would have loved to be offered a clincal and business building way to do things in the outdoors.
  • When I join the Walk and Talk Therapy Business Blueprint, will I get access to all the resources?
    When you join the Walk and Talk Therapy Business Blueprint you will get access to Module 1 at the start of the course. The following Modules will be taught and released over time to ensure that enough times is taken to complete the work. You will also have access to Coaching with Maz as soon as the Training starts.
  • Will Maz be available to answer my questions if I get stuck?
    She sure will. She will be popping up LIVE , on Zoom and in the FB community. You will get the opportunity to submit questions beforehand, as well as on the day.

Still "thinking about it"?


You want a different life and a new energy ... like...

You're fully aware that you don't have the freedom you TRULY need to be living your best life. And you're sick of being reminded of this by those people around you that "mean well".

More importantly, you'd prefer NOT to spend the rest of your life living someone else's life, knowing fully well that this is not what you came here to do.

That's why you know that now is the time to learn more about yourself, your inner strength, spending time in nature, doing what you love most, moving your body and getting back to you!


I personally can't wait to guide on this journey...

If you have tried traditional therapy and self-help, just to find yourself looping back to where you started, the answers are here, but only if you want to see them from a different point of view...


I have walked this journey with 1,000s, I have created my own dreams over and over again, I have gone beyond the challenges and fears and I KNOW that you can too!


There's a reason why you're feeling stuck and you haven't started yet. There's a way to go past fear of failure, the doubt and how hard it all feels. 


There is a simple, easy and fun way to start living your dreams instead of just watching it happen for others from the sidelines. 

To experience first hand the combination of mother nature, movement and therapeutic freedom, join the Walking Session community today.

See you in there!


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