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What therapy looks like in the outdoors

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

I often get asked a lot of questions about what therapy looks like in the outdoors.

How do clients book?

Where do you walk?

What if it rains?

How do they pay?

All legit questions that a bit of time and problem solving can sort out. Of course my answer is; depends!

This depends on you, the kind of business you are comfortable with and the kind of business you want your clients to experience. Guiding these questions with your heart first and then allowing your mind to come up with the logistics, will always gives you exactly what you need to know!

When I started crafting my very first walk and talk business I bought a new notebook with tabs and labeled them with vision, client, office, website, referrals and operation. I then started to explore what I wanted and needed this idea of mine to turn into.

I carried that notebook with me everywhere. I would quickly write things down each time I thought of a question, solution or idea that I had throughout the day. I loved that I could physically see my initial idea developing and taking shape.

And then one day I decided that I had done enough writing, wishing and figuring out, and that it was time to start creating! I loved that I had somewhat of a roadmap right there in my notebook.

I learned so much along the way, but I always, always held onto that initial vision I had!

What I really really want you to know about what therapy looks like in the outdoors is this:

You will spend your days moving your body and taking in an ever changing scenery. You will work with the seasons, experience their strength and get creative and inspired in ways beyond what you can imagine. You will enjoy breaths of fresh air and that's me talking about your clients. There is something magical that happens in the outdoors that can never be replicated in an office setting.

And what I also want you to consider are the logistics of an outdoor practice.

Go ahead and create your own version of the notebook I had and start dreaming!

To help you out with this process I have created a FREE Course that shares 5 Therapy Techniques to use with clients in the Outdoors.

To access it simply CLICK HERE

Happy Dreaming! Happy Walking!


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