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What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Walk and Talk Therapy is the merging of nature, exercise and therapy techniques.

What makes Walk and Talk Therapy our preferred way to help clients are all the benefits that movement and nature provide tied together with the creativity of applying any talking therapy style to the walking session.

And to take this a little further; it is a healthy workplace for us therapists too! We tend to spend a lot more time in our work environment than our clients do and as such reap all of its positive or negative effects too! Yes this the bit where I remind you that sitting is the new smoking!

So if you are thinking about trialling Walk and Talk Therapy in your business, here are 3 key signs of a Walk and Talk therapy session!

You're doing walk and talk therapy if...

  1. You are moving! You are walking in your session and experiencing the environment around you with your client

  2. You are in the outdoors and you have a defined "office space" that ensures the sessions can be conducted efficiently

  3. You are using talking therapy to assist clients with various presentations and adapting them to a moving session.


A lot of time, resources and insight can go into choosing these specific three points. They may seem so simple but there are a million reasons why they need to be well thought out. And there are so many things you need to take into account when setting up an outdoor practice. There are privacy issues, pricing points and intake forms!

To learn more about Walk and Talk Therapy, check out our FREE Therapist Courses.

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