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Walk and Talk Therapy is not for you if...

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

While I would love walk and talk therapy to be practiced by each and every therapist out there, I am also aware that everything is not for everyone.

I only work with therapists who not only see the benefits of walk and talk therapy, but also feel comfortable in the outdoors as well.

They walk their talk so to speak!

Below are three reasons why a Walk and Talk Therapy Business might not be the right fit for you...

1. You're old school. I don't mean any disrespect when I say this, but this type of business requires you not only to step outside, but outside of the box too. If you cling to old ways of doing therapy and business and you find comfort in your office space, then this work is not for you. Unfortunately this work won't align with your needs.

2. Fear runs your life. You're so worried about stepping outside of the norm and trying something different that all you can think about is what can go wrong. If you allow fear to guide this innovative journey; it won't work. While it's important to consider ethics, responsibility and client safety, to truly put yourself out there in this space fear needs to take a backseat to allow new creative business and therapy ways to develop.

3. You are not open to learning. This space is designed for all therapists to share, experience and connect. We are all on a journey together and as with any journey, being open to learning is so important. Put aside what you think you know to find your new way. You will find a lot of pull back into the old way of doing therapy and business, but unless you're open to learning a new way, walk and talk therapy is not for you my friend.

I hope this post helped you find some direction for your business. It is in no way designed to deter you from exploring walk and talk therapy, rather it is something to think about and consider to make sure it is the right direction for you.

I truly hope you read this and felt nothing but a drive to continue. If you are ready to go but not sure where to start, then I have the right tools for you.

Check out these three FREE courses that will help you on your walk and talk journey!

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