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Tremendous benefits of helping people that you didn’t know about

The next line might come as a surprise to many - but then, should it?

Helping people with your time, money, or energy; easily translates to helping yourself

Strange huh?

That you are a beneficiary of your kindness to others.

The next few sentences will show you exactly how the above is always true.

The feel-good factor: Ever noticed how you feel really good about yourself, just after doing something for another person that doesn’t exactly benefit you?

The Sense of belonging: You can’t seem to shake off the fact that you feel a lot more connected to those you help than before you did. Most often, great relationships are a consequence of kindness to others.

A sense of purpose and direction: Usually a direct consequence of knowing that you are important to someone else, other than yourself. Another day surely brings new opportunities to help people and right there you find purpose and drive for each day.

Now you see how you improve the quality of life for yourself and those around you, every time you help people.

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