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Thank you

Wow what a year 2021 was!

So many incredible things have happened this year in my business + home!

✨I was pregnant and had miss Lacey 🤱 ☀️

✨We moved into a new home🏡

✨I wrapped up major projects 🔨

✨I had the most profitable year of my business life (that’s since 2011)

✨I created a business course for therapists who want to create a profitable walk and talk practice

✨I created a community where you can learn how to create major change in your life by going for a walk (walking session)

✨I created yet another psychology based business

✨I grew this page to over 1,000 followers and I continue to get excited for each and every person that engages in this space 🖤

This post is not a brag, this post is here to show you that you can create any reality for yourself, even amongst a pandemic 😏 with very little sleep, a big bump 🤰 and the whole world telling you what you can and can’t do, what you should and shouldn’t do and my favourite; how your entire life needs to be to make them comfortable in their own limitations.

And here is how you do it:

1. Block your ears 🙉 and use this finger 🖕 a lot 😁

2. Decide on what matters to you and take small steps towards it each and every day 👟

3. Take the time to acknowledge how far you have come instead of focusing on where you still need to go ✨

Thank you for being in this space, thank you for being part of this journey and thank you for supporting me while we build this movement. Literally! 😉

Here is to 2022 and all the magic it holds for us all ✨

If you’re keen on checking in with yourself, your dreams and living a life on your terms, here is link to the free life review / walking course.

If you'd like to do your own end of year work review, click here for a brand new resource I have created.

Let’s go, let’s grow

✌️ Maz

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