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Self-Improvement Strategies For Perfectionists

Today is a good day to break the vicious cycle of perfectionism and learn how to recognize when enough is enough. To be content with yourself, your life and your idea of success.

Here are some strategies that may help.⁠

Challenge your idealistic thoughts. Remind yourself that one mistake doesn’t change the fact that you have achieved other things before. Let the progress you’ve made and are still making, matter more to you than the idea of being perfect at achieving your goals.⁠

In what areas of your life do you express the most perfectionism? Your relationships? Your home? Your work? Your health? Take note of them and start noticing where you need to start cutting yourself (and others!) some slack!⁠

Find a routine or an activity that you are particularly perfectionistic about and don’t put in so much time doing it as before. See what happens when done at 80% is more than good enough and watch how you feel about it after. ⁠

A walking therapist and/or our online community can guide you on strategies that will reduce the impact of perfectionism on your life and support you as you progress toward your goals in a healthy way.

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