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Regain Center-stage in your own Story

Who is responsible for your choices? What influences your decisions?

A place of conscious decision making?


A reaction out of negative energy, like revenge, regret, sadness, or addiction?

These easy tips can help you to make better decisions moving forward.

  • Explore what you want from your life: Envisage and write down what you really want your life to be like or how you would like the situation to play out. Not simply being right, but having a win win situation for everyone involved.

  • List out your barriers: Write down those things that have stopped you from doing the things you really wanted to do in the past. Brain storms how you could do those better next time and why these will no longer get in your way.

  • Educate yourself: Gather all the necessary information that you need to make good decisions and to take back control of your life. Who can help you with this situation? What resources do you need? What's one small step you can take today to move forward?

  • Keep going: Once you have gained traction on step one, start mapping out the next steps that you can take. This journey might take time and you can go slow, but it's important that you continue to go!

These steps may take you through a long journey of self-discovery and even doubt in some cases, but insist on your own happiness and you will laugh best in the end.

If you need some support, find a therapist to walk with or access our FREE LIFE REVIEW.

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