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One of those days? Here is how you can turn it around!

CRAPPY DAY? Here’s how to boost your mood and get back on track!⁠

Some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You didn't get much sleep (thanks kid!) Or perhaps, you're just having one of those morning where everything goes the wrong way!⁠

Having a bad day is never fun and you probably can't point out what is wrong either.⁠

While you can’t exactly solve all these problems or hit the restart button on a crappy day, there are some things you can do to break the cycle and re-energize.⁠

The key is to put yourself in a better frame of mind, so you can cope with the rest of the day.

Try these tips:⁠

Consume motivation content to lift your spirits. The power of words can uplift your mood and make you see the beauty in the little things we take for granted.⁠

Call someone who always reminds you of how awesome you are and tap into their energy. Family and friends who believe in us fit this category. Sometimes, just the sound of their voice can shift our perspective to a more positive angle.⁠

Create a gratitude list. This is a list of things you are thankful for. Remember you are alive and can afford that cup of great coffee. By looking at this, you can shift focus and get some space from negative thoughts.⁠

Get into nature. Last but not least right? Of course we had to list getting outside! Getting some fresh air and even better going for a walk, surf or workout will get all the good stuff flowing and changing your mood for the better in less than 30 minutes!

Taking these actions can get you out of that morning blues and you can better face the task of the day!

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