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I’m perfectly imperfect

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

I no longer subscribe to being perfect before I'm allowed to play my part in this space! I no longer let spelling errors, imperfect words and made up pressures stop me from having a go and chasing my dream! I no longer worry about correcting little things that do not matter as much as the purpose of my big message! I show up with no sleep, rested, without make up, tired, energised, happy, defeated, inspired and brave. I am human and thanks to being human I get to experience ALL the normal feelings! Yes they're normal. Not negative, not positive, normal! Otherwise why the hell is EVERY HUMAN experiencing them? You better believe that I have been all of those things that should have held me back, but I still showed up! So if you're playing it safe, hiding behind your screen and waiting for the day you're perfect to start helping others, here's your sign!!! STOP WAITING!!! START TODAY!!! To listen to what else I have to say on this topic, check out my latest Episode of the Walk and Talk Therapy Podcast. Let’s go! Let’s grow! Maz

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