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How to use the power of your mind to change your mood

Do you know that your mind is one of your most powerful assets?

Thoughts are energy.

When they pass through your mind, they affect your mood in different ways.

You have to intentionally choose how long you spend time in negative thoughts before you allow them to dissolve to feel good from the inside out.

Try these tips next time you want to tap into your mind's power:

Psyche: You can simply let out all the pent-up negative energy by using a positive psyche.

Write down all those annoying things on a sheet of paper, imagine the paper is a physical container of all the issues, then energetically tear the paper to pieces or burn it. It’s like tearing up all your problems and you will feel better.

Vent: Try venting by screaming it out, this will do in a sound proof room… we don’t want the neighbours calling the cops! Scream into your pillow, yank it, bash it, punch it, cry into it. Don’t worry, with a little shake and fluff, the pillow will be back to itself.

Then refresh yourself and face the day.

Go the holistic wellness route: visit a healing shop around you, ask about healing crystals, ritual candles, and sprays just for the fun.

Get into nature: allow your mind to take a vacation from the overstimulation, interruption and overwhelm. Go somewhere quiet, go for a walk and allow your mind to soak in the sights, sounds and smells to reset.

Our minds have the power to change our moods, but only if we let them.

To learn how you can merge nature, movement and therapy to accelerate your healing and wellbeing, check out our FREE Life Review or our Online Community.

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