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Do external expectations block your productivity?

You know that feeling of "loving" expectation and opinion that comes from our loved ones, peers or those we keep close?⁠

They tend to pop up like old stories and continue running through your mind as soon as you make decisions that benefit you, challenge your loved ones or are simply different to everyone else's comfort zone. ⁠

These well-meaning demands (imagined or not) are apparently there for your own wellbeing and come from a place of love. ⁠

But more than that, they get in the way of who you are and who you are on your on your way of becoming. ⁠

What if their opinions, expectations and obligations are getting in your way rather than being helpful?⁠

Imagine the pressure of high expectations from your peers and loved ones, their words running through your mind as you take on any new challenges.

Yes, these well-meaning demands are expected to spur you to greatness.

But hey, sometimes, they interfere with your thought process.

What if they simply pile on too much pressure, rather than supporting you on your way to your dreams?

Here are 4 ways to keep doing life your way:⁠

1) Re-evaluate what matters most to you, without obligation to others.⁠

2) Eliminate what people expect of you, and focus on your own goals.⁠

3) Develop strategies based on your strengths and areas of joy.⁠

4) Be willing to fail, knowing that the goal is to learn and grow, not be perfect.⁠

These simple techniques will help you live life YOUR WAY.

Remember confidence, persistence, and action on your own goals, will most certainly put you back in control of your reality.

To learn more about this topic check out our FREE Life Review or our Online Community.

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