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Discovering your WHY

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

I love this time of the year. So much reflecting, so much dreaming, so much letting go, so much looking forward with excitement.

But can I be real with you for a second? Often we sit down to dream about what we need from the new year and go on autopilot. Does this goals list sound familiar?

  • eat healthy

  • exercise more

  • make more money

  • take time off

  • spend more time with loved ones

And truthfully, there is nothing wrong with that list, if these are truly YOUR goals! And how do you know they are yours? Simple!

Ask yourself these 3 questions for each one of them:

1. Why do I want this?

2. How would my life be different if I had this?

3. What needs to change for me to become someone who __________ (insert goal here)

If you go a little deeper into your goals and your motivation behind them then you actually have a chance to keep pursuing them past February. Eating healthy because ”it’s good for me” won’t get you meal prepping, eating healthy because “I want to have more energy every day. I want to show my children what a healthy lifestyle looks like. I am curious about trying new foods. I want to challenge myself to take care of me. I want to live life to its fullest and I want to allow my body to have the nourishment it needs to do that.” might get you there though 😉

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