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Discover the hidden treasures beyond the “risks” you want to ignore.

Yeah right, I can easily flashback to lots of risks I took, that did not turn out okay.⁠

So, Treasures, you say?⁠

Oh yes. Treasures.⁠

I’ll show you why the risk factor is at best a smokescreen.⁠

Now, if you allow your mind to carefully drift down memory lane, you may begin to see why the risk is largely your own limiting beliefs.⁠

Remember when you first learned to do these rather easy but quite risky activities like swim, skate, ride a bike, or the more adventurous ones like starting a business or deciding to take a course?⁠

It's the fear of falling or hurting yourself that I’d want you to focus on.⁠

See how everything you are today, was seated firmly on the other end of those hard choices you've made?⁠

☀ You learned to embrace fear and deal with it⁠

☀ You grew out of your comfort zone⁠

☀ Your improved levels of creativity⁠

☀ Your improved self-confidence⁠

☀ The unlimited opportunities you've unearthed⁠

The list is endless.⁠

Once again, re-embrace your fears and take new risks.⁠

In the end, you win yet again.

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