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Create Healthy boundaries

Knowing how to set personal boundaries is essential to building and maintaining healthy relationships.⁠

A lot of people have heard about boundaries but barely understand what it truly means.⁠

You may be thinking of physical barriers, but boundaries are not rigid lines of physical barriers, they are a way of caring for your mental health.⁠

When you understand how to set and maintain healthy barriers, you will feel empowered.⁠

Here are three ways to start setting healthy boundaries⁠

👟 Baby steps - Introducing boundaries may be difficult, especially if you have always been too open. So, start small and build up gradually, this will help you take things at a comfortable pace and let others adjust to the new you.⁠

👟 Think about you - You need to know your WHY. The real reason why you need to set boundaries in the first place. Is there someone in your life that has left you feeling used, unappreciated and taken advantage of? Are you sharing too much or too little? Can you say no when you need to?⁠

Write down the points that answer your ‘why’ and you will be able to focus on the best way to address it too. ⁠

👟 Early boundaries - Boundaries are best set in the initial stages of relationships than later. It is easier for the other party to respect your boundaries at the beginning rather than adjust to new rules later. So make this healthy boundary person your new you and stick to it! By setting reasonable boundaries early, everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them. This way, you will build healthy relationships from the start. ⁠

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