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Are you ready to start your own business?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

You have been dreaming about managing your own time, having creative freedom and generating the income that is reflective of your worth. You also feel somewhat uneasy and trapped in your current role, you know you were made for more and you just can't shake the excitement of where that could lead you...

Here are three key things to consider when thinking about how ready you are to start your own business!

1. I can't stop thinking about it. No matter where you are, what you are doing and who you are talking to, all roads lead to "That reminds me of what I could do in my practice one day." or "If that was me, I would do xyz in my own business". When you are at a place where your own business is calling you, it can be really hard to put down, cast aside and ignore. I'm sure you have tried, that might be why you are right here, right now, reading this! If you have justified to yourself why it would just not work or why it would be so hard to start your own business, but you still can't stop thinking about it, then it's time my friend!

2. I know I can do this different/better. You know the drill. You are following procedures at work that not only slow everything down, but downright don't make sense! You have tried communicating it to management, you have also tried to work within the parameters but it just frustrates you to keep doing things in a way that doesn't make sense and is not as effective as it could be! You can stay where you are, you certainly can, but chances are that your level of job satisfaction, work motivation and productivity will slowly keep dwindling down. It's time to think about another way, your way or at the very least; your plan!

3. I am prepared to do the work. Yes there is work, but truth be told it doesn't necessarily have to feel that way. If you enjoy learning, being creative and getting things done your way, then work becomes easy, enjoyable and rewarding. It lights you up, you can't wait for your day and you love the impact you are creating on your terms. There might be a transition period there for you, so be aware that even fun work can be tiring work, but a solid plan will keep you going and keep you on track!

If you have answered these questions with a "HELL YES I'M DOING THIS" or at least a "Well maybe I could try", then check out the FREE courses I have created to help you with this.

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