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4 Ways Nature Makes you Healthier and Happier

If you needed a reason to get outside and into nature today, beyond enjoying mother nature's beauty, healing and magic, here are 4 reasons to get out there today!

1. Researchers have found that nature simply makes us happy. Anxiety, depression and anger are notably decreased after spending time in the outdoors.

2. Studies show that both adults and children who have difficulties focusing or controlling impulses are better able to concentrate after being in nature. The natural world allows our brains to take a break from all that mentally drains us, and even reduces symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

3. Illness and surgery can be painful and frightening, which can increase stress and slow healing. Researchers discovered that patients who spent time outdoors during their recovery required fewer painkillers, had fewer complications and experienced shorter hospital stays.

4. According to a study, adults over 70 who spent time outdoors experienced fewer sleep difficulties, complained less about aches and pains, and enjoyed improved mobility and ability to perform daily activities.

To learn how you can merge nature, movement and therapy to accelerate your healing and wellbeing, check out our FREE Life Review or our Online Community.

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