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5 Social Media Mistakes Walk and Talk Therapists make 

And what to do instead!

Hi, I'm Maz

Walk and Talk Therapist with

12+ Years of Experience.


When I started my walk and talk journey all those years ago I searched far and wide for resources that would help me bring this nature-based style of therapy into life. 

I googled social media strategies, business plans and marketing ideas. Only to stumble across traditional ways to do marketing, business set up and therapy too! 

Over the years I made tonnes of mistakes, paid for endless consults and I created the unique strategies that only work for a walk and talk therapy practice. All those innovative tools, strategies and procedures allowed me to grow a 6-figure business in less than 12 months. And our revenue doubled each year after that too!

And now I'm ready to teach you everything I know!

This mini-course is for those who have tried traditional social media strategy, only to repel clients and fall short. I see you every single day and this mini-course was created out of a mixture of frustration and love! So please please please check-in and get this right! 

You Will Learn How To


Identify what mistakes you are currently making


Improve awareness of who your client is and how to attract them the right way


Implement already done for you walk and talk therapy social media posts

What People Say

Thank you so much for creating this wonderful opportunity,  not just for me work wise, but for our clients and everyone that is involved with us in some way.

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Walking on Pink Water

This mini course will help you gain confidence to attract clients ready to book walk and talk therapy services


  • Insight into the 5 key mistakes Walk and Talk Therapists make on Social Media Daily 

  • Insight into how to structure your social media and why it needs to be delivered a particular way 

  • A done-for-you Canva file with 38 Social Media Template Posts

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