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How to take your Clients into the Outdoors with Ease

Free Workshop


Hi, I'm Maz

Walk and Talk Therapist with

12+ Years of Experience.

When I started my walk and talk journey all those years ago I searched far and wide for resources that would help me bring this nature-based style of therapy into life. 


But I didn't have much luck! So over the years I created them myself. All those innovative tools, forms and procedures allowed me to grow a 6-figure business in less than 12 months. And our revenue doubled each year after that!

And now I'm ready to teach you everything I know!

This workshop is for those who know their industry is missing something, who are exhausted from stagnant therapy models, for those who need a change and are ready to try something unique and new!

You Will Learn How To


Use Walk and Talk Therapy to add to your Skillset to create Change


Improve awareness of your own Therapy and Practice Needs


Implement Walk and Talk Therapy into your Practice

What People Say

Thank you so much for creating this wonderful opportunity,  not just for me work wise, but for our clients and everyone that is involved with us in some way.

Featured on

Walking on Pink Water

In this free workshop, I’m going to show you how you can make the ultimate shift from struggling to get up for another day of seeing clients to leaving your home early to enjoy your time at the “office”.


  • A background into Walk and Talk Therapy and the body, mind, soul connection

  • Insight into the type of Therapeutic Practice you want to work in

  • Practical Walk and Talk Therapy Tools to get your started in your Practice

Yes, I want to do this workshop,
Sign me up!

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