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Have you ever sat accross from your client and wondered if there is an easier way of helping them? 

There is no longer a need for you to feel tired, overwhelmed or stagnant in that stuffy little room. It's time to take your Clients off the Couch and for a Walk into the Outdoors.

Can you imagine the benefits you will BOTH expereince from the movement of the session, from the fresh air you're breathing, from the soothing sounds of nature and the "office views" you're taking in?

If you're looking to explore a different way of doing Therapy or Coaching and building a low-stress Practice that gives you the freedom you want and the revenue you need to create the life you love - then you're right where you need to be.

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Learn how to support your clients using a therapy and business model that takes care of the client's AND the practitioner's wellbeing. 

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The systems I provide in The Walking Therapist Club teach you a new, less stressful and taxing way of doing thereapy. My systems help you not only learn and get certified in the Walk and Talk Therapy Framework, they also teach you how to create a proftable Walk and Talk Therapy Practice from Scratch (if you choose to).

Introducing a Walk and Talk Therapy Service to your new or existing Practice will instantly give you an energy boost, a wellbeing reset and insight into incredible opportunity to a Practice that's not only run with ease, but is also highly profitable. 

This new approach to do therapy, lifestyle AND business allows you to produce quicker improvements for your clients while creating a healthy lifestyle and profitable Therapy Practice for you.

White Sand Beach

It's easier to create a Walk and Talk Therapy Practice than it is to create an Office-based one

Here are some examples of Therapy Practices that we have used Walk and Talk Therapy and the Outdoor Business Model. 


Why did they make the move to the Outdoors?

Because they knew that their every day office-based therapy was missing something! They knew that therapy is need of a holsitic make-over where we walk our talk and demonstarte to our clients what a healthy lifestyle looks and feels like.


They also realized that it was easier to take their clients into the outdoors and for a walk than it was to go through an entire process of setting up an office.


So instead of spending all profits on hefty leases, stuffy rooms and an outdated way of doing therapy, they realised that Walk and Talk Therapy attracts a whole different client, approach to a healthy workplace and way of doing therapy.

Walk and Talk Therapy is a fast growing, up-and-coming, new way of doing therapy and business ... and it's becoming BIG in the therapy space.

What if you don't adapt?

We are in the midst of what I call: "The Outdoor Therapy Movement" - pun intended!

Those that decide to stay with their old school therapy model of office-based therapy will be finding it harder and harder to keep up.


They will continue to hope that their clients will improve as effectively as those of us who have the additonal support of movement and nature by our side. But you and I both know that "hope" is never a good therapy or business model.


So, why is now the perfect time for therapists, coaches and counselors?

This "Outdoor Therapy Movement" combined with the dramatic rise of people wanting to be in the outdoors and needing support post covid, has people like you and I having the privilage to walk with those who need us and in turn grow high 5, 6, even 7-figure practices. 


Hi, I'm Maz

Since 2014 I have created multiple Walk and Talk Therapy Practices and have helped others do the same.

I'm the former founder of Walk Different, the world's first and most popular Walk and Talk Therapy Group Practice (serving over 3,000 clients in less than 3 years) and now Founder of The Walking Therapist Club (WTC).


WTC is where I've been helping therapists, counselors and coaches create their own Walk and Talk Therapy Skills, Services or Practices. 

While I was working at Walk Different I was continously apporached by other Therapists who would want to know how I had created such a successful Walk and Talk Therapy Practice and how this whole "thing" works. 

And to be honest, I was really offended!


I thought: "Well you wouldn't call McDonald's and offer to pay them for a coffee in return for all their receipes! Why call me and ask for all of my intellectual property!"

But then it dawned on me, actually my dad said something that held a lot of truth. He explained to me that when something looks simple and easy, it's credit to hard work and that only someone who has mastered it, can make complexity look simple.


He further explained that the downfall is that others looking in assume that it's just easy, rather than attributing years of expreince, fine tuning and working on the process to make it flow easily.

And he was right! I had been doing this for years and years. Truthfully I created a well oiled machine that was running smoothly and easily! That's why I was able to sell that machine. 

BUT my goal was never to keep this whole Walk and Talk Therapy "thing" to myself. My goal was always to spread the word, to shake up the therapy industry; to start a movement!!!

So I did! At end of 2018 I sold my business and became the go-to-coach for therapists, counselors, and coaches who wanted to learn about Walk and Talk Therapy, as well as launch, grow and scale a Walk and Talk Therapy Practice.

And while doing this work I've discovered the small details that make a BIG difference in the success of a Therapy Business that thrives vs. one that simply doesn't...

Meet the Stangant AND the Walking Therapist:

Sandy Beach

The Stagnant Therapist

This is the vast majority of therapists. These therapists typically launch a Walk and Talk Therapy Service to "see what happens". And those practices sometimes do "ok" but generally they fall flat after the initial launch.

The Walking Therapist

This is a much smaller group. These practices are flooded with clients, growing month after month producing high 5, 6 & even 7-figure businesses. The best part is that they are structured in a way that requires far less ongoing management and a lot less stress.

As I created more and more Walking Therapists, word spread, and pretty soon I was getting WAY more request for coaching and consulting than I could handle.


I became the go-to-coach for therapists, counselors, and coaches who want to learn about Walk and Talk Therapy, as well as launch, grow, and scale a Walk and Talk Therapy Practice.

And in 2021, I decided to take a step back from one-on-one services to create something that could help more therapists than I ever could on my own!

So I started creating an online community and sharing all things Walk and Talk Therapy.

And what I was sharing other Therapists, Coaches and Counselors loved!

here is what they said...

"Thank you so much for creating this wonderful opportunity,  not just for me work wise, but for our clients and everyone that is involved with us in some way.

I love hearing feedback and comments about what a great idea outdoor sessions are, and how helpful it is/has been to so many people (clients and workers alike!). This happens at least once a day on my work days :) and it's so validating and affirming when it does; you have truly created something unique and wonderful and to be so proud of." - C.M. Australia

"Maz is so inspiring and clearly so very passionate about helping other therapists to start up their own walk and talk counselling practices.  It was so refreshing to talk to another therapist and business coach that was equally as passionate about the benefits of nature, exercise and counselling as I am. " -

A. P. England


"Maz was able to help me visualise my big picture - how I wanted my walk and talk business to look, my ideal clients, and by the end of our session I was able to visualise my future walk and talk business as being very successful and able to help my ideal clients. "  K.P. Australia

The point is, with the right framework and systems you can adapt therapeutic interventions and business methodologies to your own way of doing therapy!

And now, I'd like to share
The Walking Therapist Club with you

The challenge with working one-on-one is that I can only serve a small group of Therapists. And I knew that more Therapists could benefit from what I was teaching. That's why I developed The Walking Therapist Club and if you join us, I'd love to help you, too.

  • If you are a Therapists who wants to explore an easier way of doing therapy, while creating more stability and sustainability in your practice...

  • OR you're just getting started and would like to be certified in Walk and Talk Therapy 

  • OR you just aren't sure where to get started when it comes to practicing Walk and Talk Therapy or building a Practice and you want to do it in the smartest, most effective way...

The Walking Therapist Club can help!

As big hearted therapists you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact in this world - and it's the reason that I am so passionate about this work. This is the reason why I created The Walking Therapist Club.

Within 6 months of walking with clients

A founding member who completed her initial lesson towards IMMA Certification