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introducing the​ 

Walk and Talk Therapy

an educational journey to certification with IMMA and a roadmap to creating your very own Walk and Talk Therapy Practice 

What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Perhaps you’re a psychologist, a counsellor or a life coach. You love helping people work through problems and level up in life – it’s fulfilling, important work. You also love spending time in nature – but you’ve been told that therapy belongs indoors.

Because of this, you work long, sedentary hours in an office. To counter it, you get up before dawn to exercise or spend your weekends immersing yourself in nature.

Imagine, then, if your favourite place was your office. If you could move gently all day instead of in stolen moments between appointments and commitments. If your best (furry) friend could come to work with you. If, instead of simply suggesting interventions such as mindfulness practices or exercise, you could get the ball rolling in person.

It’s not wishful thinking – walk and talk therapy offers just that. With a set of business practices that follow careful guidelines, you can take your vital work into the outdoors, using movement, fresh air and the rich textbook of nature to nurture your clients’ progress, while nourishing your own wellbeing.

With the outdoors as your office, you expand everything – from your therapeutic approach to your work-life balance to your earning potential. There are fewer overheads to manage and far greater opportunities for growth. You can truly go your own way.

The Walk and Talk Therapy IMMA Certification includes:

  • Module 1: The Basics of Mindfulness 

  • Module 2: Mindfulness in a Therapy Setting

  • Module 3: Movement and Therapy

  • Module 4: Connection to Nature and Therapy

  • Module 5: Walk and Talk Therapy 

  • Module 6: Dealing with Anxiety using Walk and Talk Therapy 

  • Module 7: Dealing with Depression using Walk and Talk Therapy

  • Module 8: Dealing with Trauma using Walk and Talk Therapy

  • Module 9: Creating Change using Walk and Talk Therapy

  • Module 10: Experiential Assignment

  • Module 11: Ethics and Responsibilities when using Walk and Talk Therapy

  • Module 12: Working with Children using Walk and Talk Therapy

  • Module 13: Planning and Facilitating Walk and Talk Therapy

  • Module 14: Let’s Talk about your Walk and Talk Therapy Business

  • Module 15: Let’s Create your “Outdoor Office”

  • Module 16: Let’s Find your Clients

  • Module 17: Let’s go for a Walking Session

  • Module 18: Let’s grow your Team